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Wilkes County High School Football Legends


Posted 8:06 pm, 02/18/2018

Jack Groce was a great athlete I hear in Wilkes County and at ASU. He was my Head Football Coach at Watauga. He had a long career in the school system In Watauga he was always decent to me I respect him a lot even today.


Posted 1:01 am, 01/18/2018

James Barber Very best From East to ever play basketball.. Avg. over 30ppgBest in State, and led team to Conf Champ(only one for East) and regional finals.. Also in Mars Hill HOF...


Posted 12:39 pm, 01/17/2018

Shane Grose never played in college.

What about Wayne Shepherd. He was pretty good. Guilford College


Posted 10:14 am, 01/06/2018

Some facts hard to ignore are ,and Iam back to Justin Call ,,,in college he was division 3 player of the year in basketball and he held a state record in receiving yards for football


Posted 1:57 am, 01/06/2018

Colonel, I agree with you Barnes was a good player he came along during my high school days, he was tough to stop.

Colonel Mustard

Posted 1:46 pm, 01/05/2018

Robbie Barnes-Wilkes Central Gardner Webb. When he was even- He was leavin


Posted 11:07 pm, 12/18/2017

justin call was division 3 player of the year in basketball also


Posted 8:20 pm, 12/18/2017

Luke Samples EW set state single game passing yards record against 1998 1a State Champions Starmount Rams with 584 yds. Justin Call EW also set single season receptions that year also. Both state records have since been broken.


Posted 8:11 pm, 12/16/2017

Mike Calloway....East Wilkes ...App State... All Conferance... Southern Conferance...Drafted by NFL


Posted 3:22 pm, 12/15/2017

Randall Parsons, LB/OL, West Wilkes, University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill

Logan Hallock, QB, West Wilkes, Appalachian State University


Posted 3:18 pm, 12/15/2017

William Dula, DE, West Wilkes

Neil Walsh, QB, West Wilkes, Mars Hill University
Shane Grose, RB, West Wilkes, Mars Hill University
Ben Pierce, OL/DL, West Wilkes, NC State University


Posted 9:30 am, 11/28/2017

John Swofford, Wilkes Central QB, UNC, now ACC commissioner.

Odell White, Wilkes Central running back, Lenoir-Rhyne

Nelson Lowe, Wilkes Central QB, UNC

Lou Holtz

Posted 1:14 am, 10/01/2017

Ricky Tidwell s Momma

Lou Holtz

Posted 1:14 am, 10/01/2017

Dan Pastorini of the Ronda Pastorini s

Lou Holtz

Posted 1:13 am, 10/01/2017

Jake Dellhomme of the Boomer Dellhome s


Posted 11:42 pm, 09/29/2017

north wilkes I think ,,,everybody that was alive during that time tells me he was an awesome athlete ,,,,


Posted 4:43 pm, 09/29/2017

Digger, Which High School did he attend?


Posted 9:26 am, 09/29/2017

jim richardson from early 60s went on to play at app st (basketball)


Posted 10:43 pm, 09/28/2017

Does anyone have a top 5 list they would like to post of local players. It could be from any decade or different schools in the county.

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